About Port Orford Oregon Winds

This PHP application was designed for mobile use and is best viewed in landscape mode.

This version of the POOW incorporates a new method for data collection. The weather
stations in the past had html webpages that could be scraped for data. To collect the same
data, the trend is turning to a subscription based model. So, for this website to keep
working, we had to subscribe. This provides for 20,000 free record requests a month.


The name of each station (ie 'Cape Blanco') and the station id (ie 'K92S') are located
above each station report. There are two pages that can display station reports. The
first page shows all six stations. The second page appears if the station name is clicked.

When you click on the name of a station, the second page is displayed showing the last
34 station records. On this individual station page, the Mph and Gust become sortable
with Mph or Gust values displayed in decending values. There is a box containing
instructions on how to display this station data in the upper right of this page.

When you click on the the station id above each station report, a new browser window
or tab will be opened to that stations data site. There is much more information that
is available at each weather station, but we're just interested in the winds.

Very strong southerly winds affect Cape Blanco during the winter months. The weather
station is located on a headland close to the Cape Blanco Light Station (est. 1870). The
headland is about 5 miles north of Port Orford. The tower holding the anemometer at
Cape Blanco has had an end of life event. I think that there are plans to replace the
tower, but the pandemic has delayed them.

We're storing a non-unique hit count to track the monthly vists. Loading (or reloading)
the site involves a record request and these requests are tracked by the data provider.

If you would like to donate towards these efforts, a paypal donate button has been added.

Cape Blanco Wind Speed Records

A wind history of Cape Blanco began about mid-2012. The Wind and Tide Utility found
on the Port Orford Wind Weather and Tide page provides annual, monthly and daily
records. The highest winds collected at Cape Blanco to date are in the chart below (in mph).

Year '12 '13 '14 '15 '16 '17 '18 '19 '20
Wind 74 64 81 66 79 64 66 74 81
Gust 85 67 94 79 85 72 82 75 95

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