Beaufort Wind Force Scale
Calm0 mph
Light air1-3 mph
Light breeze4-7 mph
Gentle breeze8-12 mph
Moderate breeze13-17 mph
Fresh breeze18-24 mph
Strong breeze25-30 mph
Near gale31-38 mph
Gale39-46 mph
Strong gale47-54 mph
Storm55-63 mph
Violent storm64-73 mph
Cat 1 Hurricane74-95 mph
Cat 2 Hurricane96-110 mph
Cat 3 Hurricane111-129 mph
Cat 4 Hurricane130-156 mph
Cat 5 Hurricane>157 mph
About the Port Orford Winds

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The five stations are organized top down based on the highest wind mph vs gust mph. On occasion, a station will be unavailable for one reason or another.

The strongest storm winds are southerly and usually seen at Cape Blanco , a headland that is about 5 miles north of Port Orford.

A wind history of Cape Blanco began about mid-2012. The Wind and Tide Utility found on the Port Orford Wind Weather and Tide page provides annual, monthly and daily records. The highest winds collected (in mph) from Cape Blanco to date are in the chart below.

Year '12 '13 '14 '15 '16 '17
Wind 74 64 81 66 79 64
Gust 85 67 94 79 85 72
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